Prototyping (2)

Working with Pawel on stool project
Saturday and Monday, Day 3rd & 5th

The making process of the wooden top is exactly the same as the one used for the wooden bowls. The main difference lies in the variations of its dimensions, scale and the amount of grooving.

The plan drawings and layouts prepared were still relying on the shape and size of the log picked by Pawel, the nature has taken charge here. Ideally, the solution was to use as much wood as possible from the dedicated piece, and let the log’s form shape while chiseling.

Creating stool legs

In terms of the legs design, I was thinking about creating an interesting silhouette that would work well with the sculptural top. Initially, I was thinking about having perfectly round in profile legs to create an interesting contrast between what is handmade and what was machined.

Nonetheless, after consultation with Pawel, we agreed that for this solid and heavy top there will be a need to make them in a slightly different shape, and proportion. They are thinner at the top in contrast with the heavy top, and gradually become more stable at the bottom.

This will definitely help to maintain the balance and profile of the stool since there is only three of legs. Another top was needed to show variations and the possibilities while using this particular process, Pawel was happy to produce another example.

This top will be used to create an alternative look, in a more contemporary way. I decided, I am going to introduce different material to break it up. That is how I ended up designing metal legs.

Final prototype


SUMMARY of the journey

In both scenarios, the products represent an outcome of the idea evaluation while collaborating with the craftsmen. They played an important factor in the design process, and as a team we ended up with great results. As a final reflection of this experience, I treat the work I have done with the artists less as an ordinary commissioned work, but more as a collaborative design.

Overall, the relationship I have gained through working with these talented people was based more on interchangeable experience, constructed on exchanging skills and trying to understand each others, instead of me telling them exactly what to do, or how to do it. The outcomes, as mentioned previously are a true representation as me the designer but also as them.

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