Why JAM-PACKED is a kettle?

Here is the story behind the product:

The subject given by tutor was quite open as we could make the decision on the actual route we would like to take. The main purpose of the given brief was to design and produce a CAD model and a physical prototype or prototypes in my case.

Demonstrate our response to the utilisation of digital technology within product design, development & manufacturing, and clarifies the context for your personal product design practice. 

My experience in the design process till this moment was based on specific subjects, mainly from competitions such as: “create a bedroom”, “design a bike rack”, “how radiator of the future would look like” with ready design assumptions.
As for this, I finally learn a lesson when it comes to a real world experience and making personal choices. I strongly feel this will really help me with any future design enquires.

It was quite challenging to make a final decision as there is always the fear of failing, (this course is also short-term, so I think everyone felt a pressure to create something really good that would reflect their personality, knowledge and skills). I have been struggling for a long time to specify the subject and object that I would like to work on. It is a nature of the designer, but finding a problem and than solution always helps.

At the end my decision was spontaneous and straightforward, to design an ordinary, everyday use object: ‘a kettle’ and transform it, into a new concept.

1) I have got inspiration during research on the Sustainability Through Longevity agenda for Contextualising Design Practice module, while I was watching TED talks speech with Leyla Acaroglu about Paper beats plastic? How to rethink environmental folklore

2) What reassured me about my selection were classes with our tutor Jason, as for the couple of weeks we were coming back to the subject of badly, incjection-moulded, cheaply produce electronic kettle worth £5 which you can buy in Tesco and doesn’t last longer (our study model for the lessons)

3) Personally, I do not feel any connection with kettles, for me, is just an invisible object which I can see in the kitchen only when I need it, to make a cup of hot beverage pretty much like everybody else. That itself is a good reason to rethink the design of the kettle and maybe change our perception of this object of use. 

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