Pith and Marrow

Getting to the heart of the matter…

This is the last module, where we created statements describing our intentions and plans ahead.

The Final Major Project outcomes will be a culmination of my studies in the Manchester School of Art and a starting point in bringing out the essential values for future professional practice.

The Learning Agreement

Research into the history, materials and processes led me to practices such as: Hella Jongerious, Doshi Levien, Patricia Urquiola, Moroso, Nendo, Marcel Wanders, Front and Tom Dixon.

These practitioners guided me to the significant aspects that I should consider while developing worthwhile and high quality products. 
The personal stories which are the reflection of culture and history, the weightiness of reinventing and understanding the use of materials & processes, and finally, incorporating craftsmanship skills into the industrial world of product design.

My future professional practice ambition is to bring difference, diversity, excitement, that will engage people with objects, focusing at the same time on human needs and technology. Appealing to the traditional methods of making things I want to deliver one-off pieces and unforgettable experience to my targeted market. 

The project assumption is to explore possibilities in merging traditional craftsmanship within a contemporary industrial world. Specifically, the project will involve community of makers, who are keeping Polish tradition alive. My role as designer will be to promote their work and strength their position on the market to keep them active, along with creating pieces that will carry human touch.

Currently, the most common areas of craftsmen work are crochet making, basketry and carving, which I will investigate on the beginning of the project time and taking influences while generating ideas. 
I plan to create products, which will be a representation of craftsmen work, that might imply or not their labour involvement. 
The final products will represent my investigation into traditional craft, their interpretation and application into contemporary everyday use objects.

The ideal external professional collaborative partner for my project intention is a person who works for a company that stands for unique heritage and produces extraordinary everyday use objects, experimenting with materials and processes that communicate a story to the observer. This can result in my further practice development (in the form of collaboration) and ensure that my project evolution follow the right track.

I perceive my final project outcomes being an exploration into the use of materials and processes in a creative way of thinking and as an innovation within a reflection in social and historical context, which aligns more closely to the MA learning outcomes.

Throughout my final major project I would like to tell my personal story. Create a collection of objects with narrative of polish culture, employing craftsmanship skills or their knowledge. I would like to incorporate handcraft to reveal its beauty of being imperfection, offering innovative one off pieces.

In this particular project the marketing is not the focal point, the emphasis will be put on the process rather than on the final result.
It is assumed that the future sales of the products will take place in galleries and interior design stores, which aimed to promote latest emerging talents and deliver products to clients who are looking for stylish one-off and limited edition pieces (like Mint or V&A gallery)

The main objective is to promote the final products on social media and advertise on design magazines, for example ‘Design for Life’. Another aspect will be to create a website with product information, Product Design Specification documents (PDS), commercial video and store with the possibility to purchase products on-line for UK residence.

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