Visualisations of the Final Products

Exhibition’s proposal
Photo of the Highlander: Piotr Sikora & Piotr Bondarczyk “The Borders”

“The Boundaries”
Katarzyna Mackowiak’s work explores the unique heritage in extraordinary everyday objects, bringing diversity and excitement into our lives. Strong cultural narratives resonate in her objects, through her re-imagining of traditional craft processes and inventive use of materials, investigating long-forgotten practices.

In her latest project The Boundary, Katarzyna examines the slowly fading culture of Poland’s craftsmen – celebrating their time-honoured professions through collaboration to produce contemporary objects and halt the vanishing of their trade. The finished pieces are physical representations of their collaborative journey; filled with personal stories, reflecting the native environment through texture, pattern and locally sourced materials, and breathing life into traditional processes through new forms of expression.

This project is an exploration of the possibilities in incorporating the craftsmanship skills into the industrial world of product design.

The-Highlanders.Lamps The-Highlanders.Standing-lamp


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