Stool Modifications

The stool design hasn’t been introduced to many changes. For the finishing of its wooden surface, I have decided to use oiling technique to emphasise the drawing of the wood and its beautiful texture.

In terms of designing its moderate version with metal legs, from the many sketches that I did, the best option, turned out to be creating contemporary, ‘ski legs’.

The simple metal leg construction will let the stool top to ‘shine’ without stealing its attention. I have decided to create them not higher than 430 mm as it is more secure and also it will result in achieving better proportions. This will create the basic overall high 450 mm.

Prototyping legs method

Ski legs were created by an experienced craftsman who works with metal for a long time and belongs to university staff member (for 16 years), Phil.More in detail, the legs were made using 10mm thick steel rod, which was handcrafted and bent over, on the early prepared wooden blocks with desired angles.
The overall bending rod process required also of finding pipe with appropriate diameter, that will allow to create the same radius in every leg corner. To give a much more controlled bend without the dents, the heating had to be applied.
After bending each individual corner, the hot rod was cooling down under running water, which result in its hardness.

* Because it is a single production process, we both agreed that there is no need to create a special mould for bending, which is normally used in producing more than one set of legs as it gives the perfect accuracy and allow for rapid execution.

The legs will be joined together with two flat pieces of metal

I have decided also to try out a metal hairpin legs 410 mm in high and 10 mm thick, which I bought online.
The overall outcome is more decorative, however the vintage legs seem to match to the traditionally made upper part perfectly. It gives an extra possibility for the design; although, the legs will require special changes and be cut, so they can be fitted and be joined to the wooden stool top perfectly without any difficulties.

Lastly, I assumed that the metal legs will be in black in colour, to show the contrast and differentiate light stool top of its legs, putting on the display appealing stool’s upper surface. The different coloration of the legs as well as the top of the stool is considered and can be customised to the user’s need.

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