Skills: 2012

The concept of ekitchen designed for people over 65 years of age, set in 2030.

‘ekitchen’ is a part of an international project of the European Union ‘Comfort of Living’ by StarDust and the final year thesis of Msc Furniture Manufacturing at Poznan University of Life Sciences.
Taking into the consideration year 2030, bearing in mind the future trends and forecasts of the demographics;  the final design assumption was to create a kitchen as the heart of the home, which will use the advanced digital technologies, to ensure prosperity, maintain and improve the quality of life of older people and strengthen their position in society.
Utilitarian purpose of this work show that the mental and physical changes are not the cause of mental barriers and limitations of elderly people, but poorly designed spaces and objects of everyday use.
This dissertation includes meticulous research which was strengthened by extensive survey conducted in a group of people, which will turn 65+  in 2030. All the necessary technical documentation was presented for its future production.