Pavilion seating

Skills: 2015

For the purpose of the Manchester International Festival there was a demand to produce 50 outdoor furniture pieces for 100 users, working with recycled black plastic boards – Stokboard, provided by Centriforce, using the colour weatherproof fabric by Panaz and employing the CNC process only, in collaboration with 24 Design.
The designed benches come in with three different sizes, that allow to nestle them together and create different arrangements, which generates an environment that encourages people to gather and interact.
Additionally, the great advantage of the design is its construction – slotted structure, that  has contributed to deliver superbly efficient outdoor furniture, lowering the final costs of its  production.
After the festival duration,  the outdoor furniture found their new home at The Withworth Art Gallery, who is the legacy partner for this project.

in collaboration with Oliver Scholes,  Benjamin AshtonDaecan TeeEmma Crabtree  

The production process & the Manchester International Festival Square

The Whitworth Art Gallery