Social Playground

Skills: 2015

Outdoor seating proposal for The Glasshouse Terrace (the central festival rooftop terrace in Albert Square) at Manchester International Festival 2015 & The Whitworth Gallery.

One of the most important steps while developing bench proposal for the MIF was to meet the given restrictions, which involved the use of specific material and its process.
The concept assumed to be made of Stockboard, the green, recycled black plastic board produced by Centriforce and to be manufactured only by CNC process. Another matter taken into the consideration was to deliver pieces which will be mobile, allow for different arrangements and stacking, staying friendly for different age groups, being as much efficient in the production as possible.
The social playground is the concept, which attracts and invites users to participate, interact and play. It also represents the designers agenda by marrying industrial process and handcrafting to deliver objects that reflect on the Manchester heritage and identity.

in collaboration with Daecan Tee